AUTOCLAVE (50ltrs)

Capacity: 50 ltrs

KSh 185,000.00 KSh 195,000.00


An autoclave is a machine that provides a physical method of sterilization by killing bacteria, viruses, and even spores present in the material put inside of the vessel using steam under pressure. Autoclave sterilizes the materials by heating them up to a particular temperature for a specific period of time.


  1. To prepare materials for bacteriological cell cultures(test tubes, pipettes, Petri dishes, etc.) without contamination.
  2. Prepare elements used for taking samples. (needles, tubes, containers).
  3. Sterilize contaminated material.


When pressure is increased in a closed vessel, the temperature increases proportionately. i.e. for about 15 pounds of pressure per square inch (Psi) the temperature rises to 121oC. This pressure and temperature is kept constant for 20 minutes during autoclaving. It is sufficient to kill all the vegetative forms and spores of the organism. Boiling point of water is directly proportional to the pressure when the volume is constant. Pressure Temperature

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