Back Guard

KSh 22,000.00 KSh 27,500.00


Backrest – Lumbar Support Seat is an ergonomically crafted add-on seat to give contoured support to thoracic, lumbar and sacral part of the spine. It is a strategically designed seat to take care of your ergonomic seating requirements and ideal spine alignment.
This backguard is ideal back support for chair at home, office, car, train and even in the garden and it fits over most type of seating arrangements.
Contoured two piece molded backrest seat ensures back curve in ergonomic and anatomic shape.
Benefits :
Backguard helps to prevent disco-genic back-pain, spinal stenosis, ruptured disc etc.
It minimizes inter-vertebral disc pressure of your spine allowing you to work efficiently more hours in sitting position.
It maintains your posture and contributes to a good personality appearance.

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