First Aid Kit

KSh 5,000.00 KSh 6,000.00


A first aid box is a kit used to store supplies and equipment of giving first aid. Medical practioners mainly in ambulances use this in their daily activities. Care givers or Scouts are likely to store all their medical supplies in this type of boxes. First Aid Box Aluminium Large contains variety of medical item for emergency rescue, it contains from disposable items to hard to find first aid items such as medical scissors, and many other items that could help save a situation before being taken to the hospital for proper treatment. Our first aid kit is a collection of supplies and equipment that is used to give medical treatment. There is a wide range of item in the contents of first aid kits.

1.Trauma Shears 1 Pc
2.Examination gloves 2 Pairs
3.Triangular Bandages 2 Pcs
4.Elastic Gauze Bandage 8cm by 4cm 2 Pcs
5.Elastic Gauze Bandage 6cm by 4cm 2 Ps
6.Compressive Bandage 8cm by 10cm 3 Pcs
7.Compressive Bandage 10cm by 12cm 1 Pc
8.Dressing 60cm by 80cm 1 Pc
9.Adhesive Eye Pad 5.5cm by 8.5cm 2 Pcs
10Instant Ice Pack 1 Pc
11.Basic First Aid Advice 1 Pc
12.Compressive Bandage 6cm by 8cm 1 Pc
13.Medical Tape 2.5cm 1 Pc
14.Emergency Blanket 160cm by 210cm 1 Pc
15.Hazard Waste bag 40cm by 30cm 1 Pc
16.Assorted Waterproof Elastic Dressing 28 Pcs
17.Wound dressing 10cm by 10cm 3 Pcs
18.Red Mountable First Aid Box 21cm by 19cm by 12cm 1 Pc

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