Orthopedic pillow memory foam

  • MEMORY FOAM CORE – orthopaedic pillow that perfectly moulds around your head and neck, slowly bounces back to readjust its shape giving you optimal head and neck support whilst you sleep
  • ERGONOMIC NECK PILLOW – contour wave shape Qualimate memory foam neck pillow with 2 heights designed for side and back sleepers. Supports your head and neck in neutral alignment. Prevents neck strain, allows you to breath with ease and reduces snoring | Pillows for Sleeping
  • COMFORTABLE & SKIN FRIENDLY – breathable outer fabric with double airflow properties for optimal temperature and sweat prevention. Qualimate Hypoallergenic, resistant to dust mite and mold. You can enjoy uninterrupted and refreshing sleep in all seasons | Memory Foam Pillows

KSh 7,500.00 KSh 8,700.00


Nothing compares to the comfort and feel of a quality Memory Foam bed pillow. This full-size Contour Pillow offers several features: Original Visco Elastic Memory foam helps support your neck, head, and shoulder.

Orthopedic Support Surface cradles your neck and head in comfort and ensures proper spinal alignment.

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