Pediatric Elbow Crutches

KSh 3,000.00 KSh 3,500.00


Pediatric Elbow Crutch are mobility aids to transfer weight from legs to the elbow.

They are used during injury to legs such as a fracture, paralysis, muscle/nerve damage, strains/sprains. They can also be used for post-operative rehabilitation following surgeries of hip, knee or ankle. Depending on the severity of the injury, period of partial/non-weight bearing of a limb may be required.

Adjustable elbow crutch, Aluminum/Stainless steel, These Steel Forearm Crutches come in different sizes for adults and children. The extra-large crutch tips and contoured arm cuffs increase comfort and stability for the user, along with the general forearm crutch design, which doesn’t chafe against a user’s armpits.

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