Portable Ultrasound 1MHZ

Brand- Nutek

  • Preheating Function for comfort
  • Pulsed and Continuous Modes
  • 3 Output Intensities
  • 3 Timer Settings

KSh 35,000.00 KSh 40,000.00


UltraRelief 1.0 is a strong and durable ultrasound in a portable carrying case, gel and an AC adapter. The newly improved UltraRelief 1.0 is now equipped with a preheating function and a continuous mode (100% duty cycle) setting.

The UltraRelief 1.0 is a portable ultrasonic therapeutic device that produces pulsed high frequency sound waves that are transferred to a specific body area through a sound head probe. Therapeutic ultrasound therapy is found to assist in relieving pain and reducing muscle spasms. The preheating function warms up the sound head applicator for increased patient and user comfort.

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